Is it ironic, to write a blog post detailing how you’re going to write about your impending adventures in failure only to fail at writing said blog posts?  There are a few differences this time around, though.  This post (and probably all future posts) are / will be written by the boyfriend in question from the first post.  Only, the boyfriend is now a husband and the couple is now setting off on an entirely new set of adventures that we look forward to failing in: specifically, home renovations.

Oooh, aahhh.  Run for the hills.  The phrase “home renovations” strikes fear into the hearts of those who have experienced it and mild, schadenfreude-esque curiosity in those that haven’t and, probably, don’t ever want to.  Why would someone put themselves through such a thing?  It sounds pretty terrible.

Well, there’s a few reasons.

We’ve been living in Seattle for several years now and we love it here.  We don’t ever plan on moving away and, if we do, we won’t be gone for long.  We found condo that we love at the top of Capitol Hill and the bones, man.  The bones.  They’re so good.  This place could be amazing.  This place will be amazing, once we rip out all of the shitty particle-board cabinetry and really put our mark on it.

It’s a small space, though, and construction costs in Seattle are high.  Absurdly high.  Which is great for trades-people but their fees are a little too rich for our blood.  Because it’s a small space, we’d have to move out during the renovations if someone else managed them.  This option didn’t really appeal to either of us.  Additionally, I’ve always wanted to work on making a place my own. You learn a lot in the act of doing, after all, and if you’re going to own a home I feel like you should have some kind of working-knowledge of what’s going on around you.

Thus, the decision to renovate our home ourselves was born.  We’ll hire contractors as needed (I’d like to not shock myself doing electrical work, for instance) and steam forward recklessly, uncertainly, and with great enthusiasm and gusto.

I’m looking forward to sharing all of the things I accidentally learn with you, my fellow failure-seekers.

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